Wedding couples with kids

With thanks to Rosie The Wedding Planner, here is some interesting reading; the latest figures  from the Irish Central Statistics Office (CSO) show that:

There has been a 550 % increase in those getting remarried in the 15 years between the 1996 and 2011 censuses, with numbers rising from 6,641 to 42,960.

Divorced males are two-thirds more likely to remarry than divorced women, with 39% of divorced men having since remarried. 

More than half of females who are divorced live in  households with children.

Over half of my couples this year had what we call 'ready made flowergirls and page boys' ie. sons and daughters!

This information has spurred us to include the following in our Wedding Package Offerings, espceically for those couples who have children or for those getting married for a second time.

  • A free family portrait of the 'new family' when they return from honeymoon
  • A mini wedding cake for the kids to cut 
  • Free baby-sitting service for the wedding couples kids from 8pm to 1am. 

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