Castle Hotel Pamper Treatment



Reflexology is an age-old system whereby, the whole body is mirrored on the feet. The therapist gently applies pressure and various massage techniques to access the energy pathways and organs in your body. This system brings about a complete balance of the body in a relaxing and harmonising way. It is a safe and non-invasive way of relaxing both body, mind and soul.


HOT STONE MASSAGE back, neck & shoulders / full body

€50.00/ €70.00

This timeless technique encourages both physical and spiritual balance combining therapeutic massage with the thermogenic benefits of heated Irish Basalt Stones. And the healing qualities of blended essential oils to help improve energy flow, detoxify and rebalance. Using the warmed stones and a range of harmonious massage techniques it relaxes the physical body at its deepest level.




Applying gentle but firm massage techniques to the upper back, neck, shoulders, head and face, this relaxing therapy is just right for those of you who may not wish to, or be able to, lie for extended periods on the couch. This relaxing therapy can be performed in our state of the art massage chair and is ideal for expectant mums.


SWEEDISH MASSAGE back, neck & shoulders / full body

€50.00 / €60.00

By its very nature of touch, massage is a deeply relaxing experience. Using well defined strokes and blends of essential oils over your whole body, you will be transported to a state of complete relaxation, relieving the effects of stress and tension on tired muscles.




Deep Tissue Massage is used to penetrate deeply into your tight muscles. It improves circulation, lymphatic drainage and is ideal for the sports person or, those who like a deep massage.




An effective way to relieve your upper body stiffness, tense neck and shoulder muscles.




A gentle but powerful treatment where the therapists hands are placed on different areas of your fully clothed body. It activates and directs natural life energy for the promotion of healing, balance and wholeness and can be used for the release of stress and to restore vital energy lost in everyday life, aswell as assisting in your body's natural healing powers.




Ear candling or Auricular Therapy is an amazing elimination and energy balancing technique dating back thousands of years. The hollow candles, woven from cotton and dipped in bees wax, honey extracts and sage essential oils are inserted into the outer ears by the therapist, thus helping to draw out excess wax and dampness and restoring balance to the energy meridians in your head. It has proven to be helpful for sinus congestion, headaches and vertigo.


  • Please note discounts available on multiple treatments. 
  • Appointments must be made 24 hours in advance and are subject to availability.
  • Contact number for therapist is 087 6759121.